Annual Reports: Tell Your Story — Your Way

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3 min readOct 11, 2017


Over the course of a year, your brand accomplishes quite a lot. Each department in your organization contributes to success. There is so much to share with so many stakeholders.

When it comes to telling your brand’s story, there are many questions that need answers, and who’s going to fill that narrative? Which audiences will hear what? What do they need to understand? What’s the best format for telling your story? We think it’s the annual report. A comprehensive report that showcases all your accomplishments across many departments. You can also customize your annual report by audience. Best of all, annual reports can be formatted for both print and interactive online experiences.

Branded and Engaging Story Telling

Annual Reports Tell Your Complete Story

As a marketing piece, the annual report gets signed off across your organization — C-level, accounting, marketing, sustainability, and any others who have contributed to build your brand’s market equity. Gathering everyone’s contributions and viewpoints into one beautiful document tells a powerful story.

Annual Reports Speak to Each Stakeholder Audience

Keeping your audience in mind is always important when developing brand collateral. Like Factsheets, annual reports can be tailored for any group of stakeholders. Tell investors your story through the lenses of profit and growth. Make your employees feel they contribute to the success of an accomplished brand. Help current and prospective partners see themselves as contributors to a powerful brand. Give your full story to the media outlets that are important to your brand’s growth. Tell your community what your brand has accomplished and contributed. Share your sustainable and responsible practices with environmental groups. Make it so that every stakeholder can be reached through your well-designed annual report.

Annual Reports Tell Your Story through Multiple Media

As the saying goes, the medium is the message. There will be times when you need a printed annual report for important meetings and media kits. Accessible PDF versions are great for easy web access, increased your SEO, and sharing. Annual reports can even be formatted as a digital interactive experience on your brand’s website with movies, animation, and more. It’s up to you: how do you want to deliver your brand’s story? No matter the audience or platform, annual reports will deliver the message of your brand’s impact.

Annual Reports Tell Your Story with Visual Impact

As you think about how to best tell your brand’s story, consider the annual report. Detail and celebrate each department’s contributions. Tell every stakeholder what they need to know about your brand’s accomplishments. Tell your brand’s story your way — through a well-crafted annual report.

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