User engagement is a crucial website metric you might not be monintoring and measuring.

Website user engagement directly impacts your SEO, website traffic, online lead generation and consumer impressions of your brand.

Generating user engagement encompasses everything from your website’s content to adding motion to buttons to tell the users they’ve completed a task. …

An annual report, ESG or CSR provides an opportunity to manage your company narrative.

Your company needs to be involved in all news and information coming from your organization. If you aren’t, others will tell that story without you and it might not include all the facts.

Annually, you have an excellent opportunity to manage the narrative about your company through an annual report…

Your brand’s tone can build emotional connections between you and your customers if you execute it well.

When you think of branding, you probably think of colors, logos, taglines and more. But before you can define your brand’s design elements, you have to define your brand’s tone.

Every element of your brand will embody the tone that you set. For example, fun, light and cheerful brands tend…

A brand archetype is essentially your brand’s persona. It outlines what you value, your approach to customer service and so much more.

Your brand’s persona provides a human-like quality that your customers can relate to. While on the surface it might sound silly to create a persona for a non-living…

Quotes and estimates are common terms when a request for proposal (RFP) goes out. But if you’re looking for work, such as branding or a website redesign, you should know the specific difference between quotes and estimates. And realize that there are distinct benefits and detractors of each of these.

What Is an Estimate?

Illustration showing a person with one arm, a person with an arm injury, and a person holding a baby.
Web accessibility needs can be permanent, temporary, or situational.

Have you ever experienced trying to watch a video in a loud place or somewhere you can’t turn up the sound? Perhaps you were at a restaurant during a business trip or a movie theater during the trailers or lying next to your partner while they were sleeping.

When people…

Your customers’ time is precious. It’s your job to protect it.

Website speed optimization still has a great impact on your online presence. In addition to protecting your customers’ precious time, sluggish websites also experience negative impacts on the following.

· SEO rankings: Google and other search engines work to…

Busy marketing professional trying to find time to complete the annual report.

Most marketing and communication teams are already stretched thin. Piling one more project on those busy schedules is unrealistic sometimes. So when it’s time to strategize the annual report, it’s challenging to shift priorities.

Sadly, the result is often a rushed annual report that lacks the impact it could have…

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